Helping high net worth individuals and international families to better transfer their wealth to the future generation

Your Wealth Transfer was established to provide a single place of information for successful high net worth individuals, and international families, that have accumulated wealth, and are now looking at the very best ways to manage and transfer that wealth onto the next generation.

Whilst nothing will replace high quality, professional, advice from suitably qualified professionals, there was a need to bring this information together in a single home and that home is YourWealthTransfer.

Further, YourWealthTransfer serves as a platform to connect individuals seeking wealth transfer assistance and guidance with top-tier financial experts from around the world.

The Inheritance Tax Map

Interested to discover which countries around the world levy inheritance taxes on their citizens or assets domiciled within their borders? The interactive map provided below illustrates all countries that have implemented an inheritance tax, along with the corresponding rates applied.

What does 'Wealth Transfer' mean?

Primarily the subject matter of 'wealth transfer' is focussed upon the directed, tax efficient transfer of wealth to subsequent generations, eg, children and grandchildren, however, it may (and often does) include philanthropy and impact investing.

In summary, there are several reasons why you should be concerned about the efficient transfer of your wealth:

Continuity of Family Legacy

Many families have worked hard to build wealth over generations, and passing on this wealth to the next generation is a way of ensuring the continuity of the family legacy.

Financial Security

Transferring wealth to the next generation can provide financial security for your children, grandchildren, and future generations. This can include funding education, starting a business, or simply ensuring that they have enough resources to meet their basic needs.


Wealth comes with responsibility, and passing on wealth to the next generation can help instill a sense of responsibility and stewardship in your children and grandchildren. It can also help teach them the importance of hard work, planning, and making wise financial decisions.

Estate Planning

Transferring wealth to the next generation can be an important part of estate planning. Proper estate planning can help minimize taxes and ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes.


Passing on wealth to the next generation can also provide an opportunity to instill philanthropic values and encourage giving back to the community. Many families create charitable foundations or endowments to support causes that are important to them.

Foremost Your Wealth Transfer is an informational site written by established experts in the field of Global Wealth Management, however, Your Wealth Transfer does offer the facility for introductions to be made to highly qualified and experienced advisers who can help further, as it relates to the efficient transfer of wealth.

Any adviser that is recommended must meet criteria which means that Your Wealth Transfer is making introductions to only the very best Financial Advisers, of whom are able to advise where you are.

Adviser criteria:

  • Chartered Financial Planner / Certified Financial Planner
  • Regulated by a recognised statutory body e.g. the UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA)

  • Minimum of Ten Years Practice Experience
  • Indepently reviewed by existing clients via recognised review site (e.g Trust Pilot, VouchedFor, Unbiased)
  • Offer a fee free, obligation free initial discussion
  • Will make contact within 24 hours

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