YourWealthTransfer was founded as we (Chartered Financial Planners, operating World Wide) noticed that while significant emphasis was placed on wealth accumulation and investment, there was a glaring lack of attention given to transferring that wealth to future generations and supporting philanthropic efforts. Consequently, we identified a need to compile and consolidate essential information on wealth transfer for a global high net worth audience in a single, accessible location.

At its core, YourWealthTransfer serves as an informational platform (please note, nothing on the site should be construed as financial advice, as per our disclaimer below). However, our team at YWT recognizes that there are limitations to the guidance we can provide through the site alone. As such, we offer the option to connect those in need of additional assistance with highly qualified advisers worldwide. While I acknowledge that all advisers are on their own professional journey, we believe that only the most exceptional individuals in the field of Financial Advice possess the expertise required to navigate these complex advisory areas and thus, only introduction to the very best Financial Advisers would ever be provided by YourWealthTransfer.

So that’s it from us.

Explore, learn, enjoy and get excited about what the future has instore for the recipients of your wealth.